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Business Planning

Succession and Exit Planning

Most business owners don’t think about how and when they will exit their company until their retirement approaches. By not planning ahead, they lose control over what their exit will be like and instead end up reacting to external forces such as industry downturns, changes in competition, or unanticipated illnesses or disabilities. At Metz Insurance & Financial, we help business owners understand their personal and professional circumstances and goals. Then we utilize a systematic approach to help you take control of the succession planning process in order to maximize the value you receive on the sale, create tax efficiency, help ensure personal financial security, and help maintain harmony in the family.

Key Person Insurance and Buy Sell Agreements

What would happen to your business if one of your key employees became permanently incapacitated or passed away? How would you handle the transfer of a deceased shareholder's equity? At Metz Insurance and Financial, we can help protect your company through key person life insurance and buy sell agreements. These plans and policies can help assure continuity of your business for employees, customers, and creditors. They can also protect against losses in sales, momentum, and credit and can even be used to recruit and develop a replacement for the employee.

Executive Benefits

The success of many businesses is tied into the talent, passion and work ethics of their key executives, so it’s important to have benefit packages that will help you attract, motivate, and retain high-caliber people who can help your company reach its maximum potential. At Metz Insurance & Financial, we can help you develop creative solutions that adhere to your financial bottom line including non-qualified plans, supplemental employee retirement plans (SERPs), split dollar plans, and more.